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Kiwii's Sekai

Kiwii Hewitt
3 October

Well... i am ...me!
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i like jrock and japanese street fashion
anything you see at harajuku <3 i am more into de punk-style...
scene kids, you should know this... Pictures, Images and Photos
my fav band is an cafe <3<3<3 [first generation please!]

and i am also in love with Big Bang which is k pop lol
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i like anime...not any kind ![shojo, yaoi, yuri]
and and and i like asians(?????????????????)-wtf?- [T.O.P!!!!!]
i have a piercing on the right side of my lower lip
i dyed my hair black...i guess it looks better like that :3
whateversss...don't mind my horrible English!
btw everyone calls me :